Research Topic in 2017

・Doctor Students

Year Name Topic
Doctor 3 Essien Sampson Ewang Photoelectron Current Measurement on Nano-Satellite in Low Earth Orbit
Doctor 3 TANAKA Atomu Development of electron-emitting film for spacecraft charging mitigation
Doctor 3 Tejumola Raphael Taiwo Research on Lean Satellite Concept as a Strategy for Developing Countries Space Program
Doctor 2 Turtogtokh Tumenjargal On-Board Computer Subsystem & Communication Subsystem (1.2kbps)
Doctor 2 Necmi Cihan Orgar Lunar Horizon Glow research: Lunar surface charging, Dust dynamics and Instrument Design
Doctor 2 Jose Rodrigo Cordova Alarcon Testing Methods for Attitude and Orbit Control Systems
Doctor 2 FUKUDA hiroshi The primary discharge on high voltage solar array
-on orbit and ground experiment results-
Doctor 1 Rahmatillah Rahmi Communication System and Operation of Atomic Clock for SPATIUM
Doctor 1 Benjamin Bonsu Low Cost Robust Thermal Vacuum Testing System (RTVT system) for Developing Countries
Doctor 1 Adrian C. Salces Demonstration and Investigation of a Store-and-Forward 1U Cubesat Constellation for Remote Data Collection Applications
Doctor 1 Juan Rojas Hernandez Charger/Discharger system Research
Doctor 1 Shyazana Basyira Designing a Low Cost and Narrow Beam Phased Array S-band Antenna for Ground Station Tracking System

・Master Students

Year Name Topic
Master 2 Abudulla Hil Kafi Attitude Determination and Control System & Single Event Latch-up Measurement
Master 2 Maisun Ibn Monowar Ultra Small 9600bps Transmitter for Image Downlink
Master 2 Raihana Shams Islam Antara Development of Antenna Deployment System for CubeSat
Master 2 Ibkun Oluwatobi Adebolu Design, Analysis and Testing of Structure Subsystem of BIRDS Project
Master 2 Joseph N.K.K Quansah Atmospheric Density Modelling via Precise Satellite Tracking of Biards CubeSat Constellation
Master 2 Ernest Teye Matey Precise location of satellite using signal arrival time-lag
Master 2 Tamer W.H Aburouk Implementation of EDLC in Small Satellites
Master 2 Coung Kim Pham Thermal analysis and design for Micro Dragon Satellite
Master 2 Guillermo W.Zarate Segura Plasma Drag Force Enhancement by Ions collission on a Bias Surface
Master 2 NAKAMURA Naoki Development of thermal vacuum testing method for multiple Nano-satellites
Master 2 TOKUNAGA Yasuhiro Challenges in the development of the bus system for 1U CubeSat
Master 2 INOUE Shunsuke Research of photoelectron emission yield and total electron emission yield for amount of water on surface
Master 2 MURAKAMI Yayoi Effect of cathode electrode shape on performance of Vacuum Arc Thruster
Master 2 SHIGYO Masanori Development of atomic oxygen protective film for spacecraft
Master 2 MORII Yusaku Exploring mechanism of elastic modulus change of carbon fiber by radiation irradiation using X-ray structural analysis and relationship with deterioration of mechanical properties of CFRP for space
Master 1 Marcos Hernandez Herrera Small satellite Attitude System testing platform
Master 1 Joven C. Javier Radiation Testing of COTS by Single-Event Latch up using Pulsed laser
Master 1 Aekjira Kuyyakanont Consideration of Test Methodologies on UV Irradiation Simulation in Space Environment by Using General-Purpose
Master 1 Phongsakorn Meemak Attitude Determination and Control System using Vacuum Arc Thrusters for nano-satellites
Master 1 Yigit Cay Magneto Plasma Sail (MPS) for Active Spacecraft Shielding
Master 1 NINAGAWA Ryotarou Accuracy evaluation of CSAC for nano satellite
Master 1 YAMAGUCHI Daiki Verification of safety evaluation and design for small satellites
Master 1 EGASHIRA Koki The influence of creeping discharge simlation test method on secondary arc
Master 1 KATAOKA Masaki Changes in the charged properties of the space material Consideration of charge analysis
Master 1 SASAKI Takaaki Research on application of vacuum ultraviolet to charging and discharging experiment of space solar cell
Master 1 MURAKAMI Hiroaki Development of Surface Arc Thruster
Master 1 ANDO Yuki Perfomance evaluation and analytical method of atomic oxygen resistant material
Master 1 SHIRABE Syuichiro Influence of Temperature Change upon Degradation of Polymer Materials by UV Irradiation
Master 1 Kiran Kumar Pradhan Shortening of the Development time of Lean Satellite
Master 1 Yeshey Choden Planning, including design of organisational structure and schemes, for sustainable space programs in developing countries
Master 1 Muhhammad Hasif Bin Azami COTS Camera Design for Lean Satellite Application

・Bachelor Students

Year Name Topic
Bachelor 4 UEMURA Tomoki ,,,
Bachelor 4 KAKIMOTO Yuta ,,,
Bachelor 4 SASAKI Yuji ,,,
Bachelor 4 SAITO Hiroya ,,,
Bachelor 4 NAKAYAMA Daisuke ,,,
Bachelor 4 MAWATARI Yuya ,,,
Bachelor 4 YASUSHIMA Hisaharu ,,,
Bachelor 4 OKUBI Atsushi ,,,
Bachelor 4 FUJIWARA Eijo ,,,
Bachelor 4 WATAI Nao ,,,

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